WELCOME TO Mallett Brothers Barbeque

Mallett Brothers Barbeque is a Family Owned and Operated business serving Grimes, Brazos, Waller, Washington, Robertson and surrounding counties. Chad Mallett, Aggie Class of '94, and brother Greg Mallett perfected their love of cooking at family gatherings and parties and after years of hard work (and a little fun too!) a long time dream came true and Mallett Brother’s Barbeque was opened. They now serve mouthwatering barbeque to hundreds of folks each week and have been told that they have the best barbeque anyone has ever eaten, especially the ribs!! The Mallett Brother’s take pride in offering a family friendly experience and are proud of the look and feel of their restaurant but never forget that Mallett Brothers Barbeque is all about BBQ!

With a full menu offering excellent quality Pork, Ribs, Beef and Chicken, all slowly smoked to perfection over oak wood, seasoned by their own sauce and spices, it is no wonder they have grown to become everyone’s favorite BBQ restaurant! Their staff is dedicated to providing you with great service and an unbeatable meal for your money. If all that’s not enough, they even have a full catering service to satisfy the needs of all customers.